R-5 gives ENERGY STAR® a run
for the savings.

So what's the difference between R-5 and ENERGY STAR? Most consumers know a higher "R" value means greater resistance to weather. But people should also consider the U-value, or insulation value, of each window. The lower the U-value, the better the insulation. ENERGY STAR has a 0.3 value, and the R-5 features a 0.2 value. That small difference adds up to an additional 30% reduction in heat loss with an R-5 window.

Windows are responsible for nearly 4% of energy consumption in the United States. Not only do R-5 windows deliver superior comfort, they're highly insulating, delivering higher annual heating savings for customers in colder and mixed climates.

Ply Gem Windows, having met the technical criteria necessary to be a manufacturer in the Department of Energy's R-5 Program, is proud to offer consumers our industry-leading warranties, our exceptional customer service and support, along with our vast selection of window materials and styles to satisfy any building project.

Features that make the difference

The Warm Edge glass spacer system within R-5 Series windows and doors reduces thermal transfer around the glass perimeter by utilizing a unique U-shaped channel to separate glass panes and interrupt the natural flow of heat to cold. Warm Edge is one continuous piece creating a stronger, more energy-efficient insulated glass unit. Plus it flexes with glass expansion and contraction to ensure a strong seal for the life of the window.
A safe, odorless, colorless, naturally occurring gas, which is heavier or denser than air (40%* denser than air). When used in conjunction with Low-E glass, argon provides better insulation. That’s because heat and cold do not pass through argon gas as easily as through air, providing better performance. Argon is non-toxic and presents no human health or environmental concerns. Ply Gem offers gas-filled insulated units in a number of products including windows and patio doors.

*Figure courtesy of Linde Gas, Inc.
The vinyl mainframes of Ply Gem R-5 Series windows are filled with patented† R-Core insulation (pre-expanded high-density solid polyurethane), the same type used in many refrigerator/freezer doors. It prevents voids and settling and results in even distribution of the maximum insulating barrier. R-5 Series windows with the Energy Package upgrade feature R-Core in both the frame and sash for the ultimate in thermal performance.

†U.S. Patent Number: 4,516,356
Our HP3MAX glass package is a triple pane unit that combines three lites of Low-E with an interior glass substrate, two chambers of argon gas fill and Warm Edge spacer. Windows with the HP3MAX glass system are among the most thermally-efficient windows you can buy today.
Energy Package MAX (EPMAX) combines the HP3MAX glass package with R-Core in the sash and frame. R-Core is a patented process utilizing pre-formed polyurethane insulation. R-Core provides additional insulating qualities to the window unit for improved thermal performance. Interforce II fiberglass reinforcement is placed in the meeting rails of Premium Series double hung and sliding windows.

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