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Ply Gem Windows is a proud participant in the
Department of Energy's R-5 Program.

R-5 gives ENERGY STAR® a run for the savings.

High performance R-51 windows are highly insulating windows with a whole-window R-value of 5 (a U-Factor of around 0.2). These products are the top tier of energy-efficient windows for cold and mixed climates.

ENERGY STAR windows have a U-Factor of around 0.3. Reducing the
U-Factor from 0.3 to 0.2, with high performance R-5 windows, reduces average heat loss through the window by more than 30%2, and saves consumers money on energy bills.

1 R-5 = U-Factor of .22 or lower for operating units; .20 for fixed units
2 U.S. Department of Energy — Energy-Efficiency and Renewable Energy EERE News, May 27, 2010

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