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ADA COMPLIANCE - Many of our doors can be configured to meet ADA requirements.

ADVANCED EASY CLEAN GLASS - Optional advanced easy clean glass is a remarkable advancement in glass design that eliminates frequent exterior window cleaning compared with ordinary glass.

ALUMINUM CLAD - Clad in extruded aluminum is a material option that won't ding or dent. Extruded aluminum is more durable and increases the structural integrity of the products.

ALUMINUM - is a reliable, energy efficient material option that provides homeowners with little maintenance and long-lasting quality.

ARCHITECTURAL SHAPES - A variety of shapes and configurations of shapes are available.

ARGON - is a safe, odorless, colorless gas, which is heavier or denser than air. When paired with Low-E, it can provide better insulation.

BAY - Bay windows are comprised of three or more windows, typically featuring a large center unit and two flanking units at 35° or 45° angles to the wall.

BOW - Bow window features four or more window units in a radial or bow formation.

CASEMENT & AWNING - These hinged windows come standard with a sash that cranks outward.

CLEAR GLASS - is standard on all windows and is the base glass provided in windows prior to any upgrades or glazing options being added.

COASTAL HARDWARE - Typical hardware can easily become corroded or damaged when exposed to constant salt in the air. Ply Gem windows with coastal hardware will consistently stand up to saltwater and other harsh coastal conditions.

CUSTOM SIZING - Ply Gem windows and patio doors can be ordered in 1/8 inch increments to accommodate any replacement application providing a perfect fit and minimizing installation time and special trimming requirements.

DOUBLE HUNG - These windows come with two vertically-sliding sash in a single frame.

DP CERTIFIED - Ply Gem Windows are tested to meet the air, water and structure requirements of AAMA/WDMA 101/I.S.2. Our products meet a Design Press (DP) rating of 35 (double hung) to as high as DP70 casement (gateway size of 24" x 60").

ENERGY TAX CREDIT - To qualify for the credit, replacement windows and/or patio doors must have both a U-Factor rating of. 30 or lower and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) rating of .30 or lower.

EP MAX - The optional EPMax glass package upgrade includes HPMax glass and R-Core ® insulation.

EP - The optional EP glass package upgrade includes HP Glass and R-Core ® insulation.

EP-Plus - The optional EP-Plus glass package upgrade includes HP2 glass and R-Core® insulation.

EPSC - EP sc is an energy package upgrade that includes the HP glass system with solar cooling and R-Core insulation.

FADE PROTECTION - With optional glass upgrades, Ply Gem Windows can provide up to 99% UV ray protection for the valuables inside your home without noticeably reducing the light coming inside.

FLORIDA APPROVED - is a product that meets Florida building codes for certain zones. For more information visit for a full listing of Florida approved products.

FRENCH INSWING PATIO DOORS - These doors provide classic style and unbeatable performance wide stiles and rails coupled with 1 ¾ " door panels to give you a true French look.

FRENCH OUTSWING PATIO DOORS - These high quality doors provide classic style with wide stiles and rails for a true French look.

FRENCH SLIDING PATIO DOORS - The timeless style of these doors offer space-saving sliding configurations, full-perimeter weatherstripping and adjustable rollers for smooth operation.

GARDEN - These three-dimensional windows project from the exterior wall of the home can be configured with glazing on all sides except the bottom, which serves as a shelf for plants or other keepsakes.

HINGED PATIO DOORS - These doors elevate elegance and performance with their historically accurate design and are sturdy as they are beautiful.

HP GLASS - combines one lite of soft coat Low-E with argon glass fill for high performance.

HP GLASS SYSTEM - Our HP Glass System includes one lite of soft-coat, 3/4" single-surface multilayer vacuum-deposition Low-E insulated glass unit with argon gas offering you a more energy efficient window.

HP2 GLASS - combines two lites of soft coat Low-E with argon gas fill for high performance.

HP2SC GLASS - combines two lites of soft coat solar cooling optimized Low-E with argon gas fill for high performance that is optimized for warmer climates.

HPMax GLASS - combines two lites of soft coat Low-E with an interior glass substrate and two chambers of argon gas fill for high performance.

HPMax-SC GLASS - combines two lites of soft coat solar cooling optimized Low-E with an interior glass substrate and two chambers of argon gas fill for high performance

HPSC GLASS - combines solar cooling optimized Low-E with argon gas fill for high performance that is optimized for warmer climates.

HPSH - One lite of soft coat solar heating optimized Low-E and argon gas fill.

IMPACT RATED - Impact rated windows and doors are designed using high-performance laminated glass and additional reinforcement to enable these windows to stand up to the rigorous ASTM large missile impact test procedures providing your home extra security against harsh weather.

INTERFORCE II™ - Interforce II™ windows offer internal fiberglass reinforced meeting rails for unsurpassed strength and durability.

LOW-ESH GLASS - is optimized for cooler climates by applying two thinner layers of coating to the glass, through a patented process saving you energy year round.

LOW-E - (low-emissivity) GLASS has a secondary, very thin metallic dual layer coating. It reflects radiant heat waves, so it helps keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

LOW-E - GLASS A microscopically thin, virtually invisible metallic oxide layer deposited on a window-glazing surface. Low-E can reduce heating and cooling bills plus dramatically improve overall comfort.

LOW-ESC GLASS - is optimized for warmer climates by applying two heavier layers of coating, through a patented process saving you energy year round.

MODULAR SIZING - is the sizing format used for vinyl windows. This size allows builders or contractors to match the rough opening size of wood or clad window openings.

NEW GENERATION VINYL - New Generation Vinyl withstands harsh weather and wear-and-tear better. This rugged, maintenance-free, New Generation uiPV offers low conductivity and high energy-efficiency properties for your home and you'll never need to paint or stain these windows.

PINCH FUSION WELDING - Ply Gem Replacement Series windows are entirely fusion welded – sashes and mainframes – to create a solid, one-piece unit that maintains its strength over the years. Our state-of-the-art fusion process ensures frame and sash corners won't have the excess variance found with other welding techniques.

R-CORE® INSULATION - R-Core® insulation is pre-expanded high-density solid-polyurethane which is the same material type used in many refrigerator/freezer doors. It prevents voids and settling and results in even distribution of the maximum insulating barrier.

SIL LOCK - Ply Gem Replacement Windows with SilLock are built with a sloped sill which forces water to drain to the exterior of the window, keeping your windows dry.

SINGLE HUNG - These windows come with one vertically-sliding sash in a single frame.

SLIDING WINDOW - These windows offer a horizontally-sliding sash in a single frame.

SOUND REDUCTION OPTIONAL - laminated glass options can improve sound control by reducing exterior noise.

TRADITIONAL SIZING - is the industry standard sizing format used for all vinyl windows.

U-FACTOR - is a measurement of the window's ability to prevent heat loss from the house. The lower the U-Factor rating is on a window, the greater its ability to prevent heat loss.

VINYL CLAD - windows offer homeowners the beauty of natural wood combined with the durability and ease of vinyl. An interior facing traditional wood frame paired with a weather resistant vinyl exterior frame.

VINYL - offers homeowners with long-lasting, weather-tight material for extended performance and beauty.

WARM EDGE TECHNOLOGY - PLUS Optional warm edge+ spacer system utilizes a highly non-conductive material, which provides a lower U-factor.

WARM EDGE TECHNOLOGY - The Warm Edge glass spacer system reduces thermal transfer around the glass perimeter by utilizing a unique U-shaped channel to separate glass panes and interrupt the natural flow of heat to cold. Warm Edge is one continuous piece creating a stronger, more energy-efficient insulated glass unit.

WARM SPACER - Our warm edge spacer system reduces thermal transfer around the glass perimeter with a unique one piece, U-shaped channel to separate glass panes providing a more energy efficient insulated glass unit.

WOOD COMPOSITE - offers homeowners a natural wood interior ready for paint or stain to match interior décor and exterior wood components that are fully treated with water-repellent wood preservative

WOOD - offers homeowners traditional looks with natural wood finished interiors that are ready for paint or stain to match any décor.

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